About Ashleigh


My passion and mission is to support you to create a kind and loving relationship with yourself, know your worth and love who you are – inside and out. 

I aim to create a relaxed, safe and nurturing space. To honour your feelings and vulnerabilities.

I draw on my experience as a Social Worker, combined with Reiki Energy Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowls to release energetic blocks, induce deep relaxation and promote a balanced mind, body and spirit. 

I’ve had my own journey of healing and learning self-love. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with Leukaemia and I learnt to shut down my own feelings as a way of coping.

Despite being in remission, the effects of suppressing these feelings were felt long afterwards. I spent many years with anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and having an overall toxic relationship with myself. 

Just like you, I knew when it was time to make a change in my life. But, we don’t always know how we can make those changes or exactly what we need to take the step to become our best selves. 

It is so powerful how much my life changed when I discovered who I was, mended the relationship with myself and focused on my own self-love and self-care.

I am here to support you to do the same, reconnect with who you are, create meaning, purpose and to allow yourself to shine. 

I have trained under the guidance of Loretta Carraro, Founder of Nourished Energy and part of her Reiki Mastership and mentoring program. I have a masters degree in Social Work and am a certified Sound Healer. I have trained with Tibetan Monks learning the ancient Tibetan Sound Healing and Mantra practices for healing and meditation.