All this talk on Chakra's, what is a Chakra anyway?

There are 7 Chakras, also referred to as energy wheels, that line the body from the tail of your spine, up to your crown. Each Chakra is associated with a location, a sound, a feeling, a colour, and physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Here are the basics of the 7 Chakras:

Root Chakra – I am

Location – Base of the spine

Feeling – Our most basic survival needs and sense of belonging. Grounding, safety. 

Colour – Red

Sacral Chakra – I feel

Location – Under navel 

Feeling – Creativity, Emotion, Sensuality 

Colour – Orange

Solar Plexus – I do

Location – Top of abdomen 

Feeling – Personal power, self esteem, confidence 

Colour – Yellow

Heart – I love

Location – Chest

Feeling – Love, Compassion, Joy

Colour – Green

Throat – I speak

Location – Neck

Feeling – Communication and expression

Colour – Blue

Third eye – I see

Location – Between the eyes

Feeling – Intuition, wisdom,insight

Colour – Indigo

Crown – I understand

Location – Top of the Head

Feeling – Awareness, purpose, connection

Colour- Violet

Energy moves along the spine and through the chakras. If there is a block in a chakra then we can suffer from many different illnesses and issues; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Energy healing with Reiki and Sound, assists in balancing the chakra system for us to function in an optimal state. This may include alleviating anxiety and stress, improving confidence, aiding connections and love with the self and others, creating clarity for decisions and direction, igniting passion and creativity and releasing pain and trauma.