Energy Healing


Using a combination of Reiki Energy Healing and the ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls to release built up tension, energy blocks and promote energetic balance, healing, relaxation, self awareness and clarity. These sessions can be held in person at the Nourished Energy clinic in St Kilda, or by distance.

Distance healing can be just as powerful as a face to face session. Energy healing can be sent across space and time and doesn’t require a person to be physically present.

Space Clearing (House/Office)


Have you ever walked into a space and it just doesn’t feel right? Our homes and offices can hold on to unwanted energy and negativity leaving the space feeling flat or uncomfortable. Whether you are wanting to let go of the old, manifest something new or freshen up the environment, space clearing is an important practice to bring in positive energy and create a peaceful and calm living and/or working environment.

A session involves setting intentions, clearing the house with sound and the smoke of Palo Santo and Sage.



Sound Healing and Reiki can be brought to any event and Balanced by Ashleigh Bell has collaborated with a variety of event and workshop holders across Melbourne. Follow the events page and Instagram for the latest updates on events.

Alternatively, get in touch if you’d like to discuss having us at your next event.